Universal Printing

Submission Guidelines

File sizes
Due to bandwidth considerations, we must limit the size of files uploaded to the site to 100MB. If your file is larger than 100MB, please contact us to make alternate arrangements for sending us the file.

File types

When you are uploading files for us to print, it's best that they are in CMYK format pdf's. We accept other kinds of files, but just let us know ahead of time to be sure we can accomdate you.

File names
Your file name must have an extension (e.g., .pdf). Although some operating systems may allow files to be named without the extension included, before uploading your files, you must make certain that the appropriate extension is part of your file name.

Example file names:
myfile.pdf — GOOD
myfile — BAD

Compressing your files

Compressing your work into .zip or .sit files results in faster uploads.

* If your product requires bleed, be sure it's included. .125" on each side is a safe bleed size.

* If you are uploading art that has a front or a back, be sure to indicate clearly in the "title" field and/or comments section which side is front and back. If you send us the work via email, be sure to indicate that in your email.

* When in doubt, just contact us — we love to talk with our customers!